Formation of Co-operative Societies

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Formation of Cooperative Societies

Basically, a group of people join hands on their own to set up a Cooperative Society to collectively fulfill their economic, social and cultural needs which cannot be done by individually.

With a view of having cooperatives to become self reliant and self motivated business enterprises in accordance with the market oriented economy, 1992 Cooperative Societies Law was enacted on 22nd December 1992.

Under this Law, a Primary Cooperative Society can be formed with a minimum of five persons. Any person who has completed the age of 18 years and is a citizen, associate citizen or a naturalized citizen can become a member of the Society. A Cooperative Syndicate may be formed with at least three Primary Cooperative Societies. Union of Cooperative Syndicate and Central Cooperative Society may be formed consisting of Cooperative Syndicates. People who wish to form a Primary Cooperative Society can contact directly any Cooperative Department and a society thus formed will be duly registered at the department. There are altogether (23539) Cooperative Societies under the Cooperative Department.


Number of Cooperative societies as at 31-7-2013

(1) Central Cooperative Society
(2) Union of Cooperative Syndicates
(3) Cooperative Syndicates
(4) Primary Cooperative Societies 23062

The members/ member societies in various levels of cooperative societies are as follows;

(1) Central Cooperative Society                               no. of member societies                 438

(2) Union of Cooperative Syndicates                        no. of member societies                 397

(3) Cooperative Syndicates                                     no. of member societies              11099

(4) Primary Cooperative Societies                            no. of member                        2653326

The requirements of the formation of a primary cooperative society are as follows;

(1) Application forms of each member

(2) List of Share of the members

(3) Letter from a representative of member to form a cooperative society to township level staff officer

(4) Rules and regulations of the society

(5) Name list of proposed board of directors

Everybody can contact to form a cooperative society, please feel and free to contact with Director General's Office, Building No(16), Naypyitaw or respective Township/ Region/ State Cooperative Department.

Organizing cooperative societies by sector




Organizing Cooperatives Societies by Regions/States (30-11-2013)






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